A delay in facilities maintenance services. Certainly not the end.

Executing a thorough facilities maintenance program is challenging, even when times are good. However, a diverse set of variables, ranging from typical fluctuations in operating budgets to the more extraordinary and unfortunate set of circumstances we’re all dealing with today, can abruptly shift your company’s maintenance plan from manageable to unimaginable. And although daily R&M issues may fall further and further down your business’s list of priorities as these days go on, it is important to have the proper process and procedures in place to handle it. First off, your mindset should always be that you will survive and overcome whatever obstacles are in your way. As hard as that may sound for some right now, if success is your goal, then there is absolutely no other choice. Do not give up!

If you’re fortunate enough to keep your doors open these days, it is understood that your basic reactive day-to-day building maintenance concerns will need to be postponed and handled at a later date. Limiting maintenance service requests to those that are critical in nature is plain common sense. With that said, allowing neglect to become a part of your company’s culture should be avoided. It will possibly send the wrong message about your company’s future, begin to deteriorate the caring and focused culture you have worked to create and potentially open the door to additional costs further down the road. BE PREPARED! TALK TO YOUR TEAM! Ask your team to still keep a watchful eye and make an effort document facilities maintenance items that need to be resolved, but don’t necessitate an immediate response.

While UmbrellaOne remains fully operational and is working hard to continue helping our customers everywhere, we have put temporary policies into place that allow employees to work remotely at home as needed without any financial repercussions. We are very fortunate to have the capabilities to initiate this policy without causing any drop-off in service or quality in our standard execution.

We wish everyone good health, safety and a return to business as usual soon!