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FACILITIES SERVICES | Exterior Maintenance

We add value when your cost of ownership prioritizes the upkeep and safety of your exterior building areas.

UmbrellaOne elevates your customer’s first impression and works to protect the longevity of your real estate assets. Proactive commercial building maintenance leads to sustained integrity and safety while minimizing operational disruptions.


Professional parking lot repair and maintenance ensures safety, prolongs lifespan, enhances aesthetics, and preserves property value while creating a positive impression on your business’s image.

Sewer/Drain Repairs

When issues arise, responsiveness to clearing clogged drains, removing debris, camera-ing lines, rebuilding collapsed sewers and restoring proper flow within your plumbing system is critical.


A well-lit parking lot provides customers with a safe and inviting feeling. From pole lights to wall packs, we maintain exterior lighting to foster a welcoming environment.


Protecting and securing your property’s boundaries does not need to be difficult. Our services include perimeter fencing and trash corral enclosures and gates.

Sign Removal/Fascia Restoration

Whether it’s closing a location or a rebranding project, we can remove and dispose of unwanted storefront signage. We can also perform any patching and painting.


We perform comprehensive interior and exterior surface preparation and painting services. From drywall and masonry to epoxies and wallcoverings, we have your locations covered.

EIFS Repairs

From basic patching to extensive water damage, our EIFS repair services can restore your exterior building elevations to like-new conditions.


The effects of aging and abrasive elements on your building’s mortar joints cause cracks, flaking, or disintegration. Preserving a water-tight building envelope is critical.

Traffic Controls

From lot line striping to wheel stops, traffic delineation, and signage, maintaining a safe parking lot is essential for your customers and employees.



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