Remember…..daylight savings time starts at 2:00 am this Sunday, March 10th. Keep in mind that it’s not just your clocks that need to be adjusted – it’s your time clocks and t-stats as well. Don’t assume that they adjust for daylight savings time automatically.

What are the risks associated to your business and/or customers by not adjusting your clocks?

  • At more than an hour of down or run time there could be significant discomfort issues.
  • Older and more “standard systems” may not turn on or off as normally scheduled.
  • The time clock for your defrost heaters in the walk in freezer may need to be adjusted as well.
  • Indoor – outdoor lighting and signage won’t operate as scheduled resulting in guests driving by because they can’t see your signage.
  • Potential security risks due to no parking lot lights (insurance hazard).