stay in your lane signAs a service provider, we always maintain our discipline in knowing the value of our role and equally important, knowing our boundaries. All too often we are called upon to perform a service that is not in our wheelhouse. Tempting as it may be to accept these assignments, our account management team understands the potential downfall of engaging in a project where we have no experience or knowledge. So, they fortunately know to decline these opportunities.

I frequently read quotes from business icons advising entrepreneurs to say yes now, figure it out later. Well, my father taught me that knowing what business not to be in, is almost as important as knowing what business you should be in. His words could not be truer in the facility maintenance industry. Engaging in the unknown can lead to bigger issues down the line and risk all the good will you’ve earned in your relationship. Even if you agree to absorb any costs associated with a mistake, you can’t refund your client’s time, energy and potential loss of sales.

At UmbrellaOne, our focus is clear. While we offer a wide range of interior and exterior commercial facility maintenance services, there are plenty of trades we do not engage in. A multi-unit F&B client recently forwarded us a list of all the trades required to maintain his locations. There were 63. Of the 63, we identified 19 that we perform on a daily basis. To us, that’s a whole lot of yeses and a significant value for us to care for our clients with.