Questioning how to lower your R&M expense? Employee education is the answer.

When focusing on lowering your company’s R&M spend, it may seem like you’re trying to control the uncontrollable. Sourcing aggressively priced contractors tends to be the default mindset and rarely yields significant results. Redirecting efforts to internal initiatives is all too often an overlooked solution. When executed, you increase prevention and reduce the need for reaction.

Improved employee behaviors will work to reduce your company’s facilities maintenance expenses in several ways. An education about best practices and safety guidelines creates a better understanding of effectiveness and efficiencies. Teaching how to maintain and care for all aspects of your locations lessens accidents and damage. Without prior experience, you can’t expect people to instinctively know better. When implemented, this will accomplish many goals.

  • Extend the useful life of your ‘space’, finishes and equipment.
  • Lower your expenses with maintenance contractors.
  • Reduce downtime of assets.
  • Reduction of repair escalation.
  • Promote a culture of caring.

Without a doubt, spending time improving workplace behavior is a considerable factor in the reduction of R&M-related expenses. If employees adhere to best practices and exhibit responsibility, the need for repairs will decrease. Take the time to teach and in time you will see the benefit.