Exterior spring cleaning in February. It really is a thing.

Exterior Spring Cleaning and Janitorial ServicesNow is the time to line up your exterior cleaning services such as sidewalk cleaning, awning cleaning, lot line striping and facade cleaning. Sure it may be another 30-60 days before it’s appropriate to have these services performed, but while the temperature outside show that spring may still be a ways away, that doesn’t mean your preparedness should be too.

Waiting until the last second can only create challenges for a facility manager. Scheduling of course being the first thing to consider. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants their power washing done after the winter when the weather turns warm. Wait until the last second and you could find yourself in a long line for a quality contractor. By setting up a program now, your locations have secured their place on your vendor’s schedule and you’ll be setting out your outdoor dining furniture on nice clean concrete.

The other benefit to coordinating ahead of time can be pricing. Getting contractors to bid work when they’re stuck sitting at home waiting for their season to start has proven to be far more advantageous than when you reach out to them and they’re up to their eyeballs in work. It’s simple supply and demand. While experienced contractors can forecast their revenue and rest easy that the work will come each year, there’s still the fact that most are guaranteed nothing each season. By now, we all know that even the comfort of a multi-year contract is somewhat unreliable given the ease to terminate nowadays. Secure your exterior commercial cleaning program early and the discounted price you receive will be a relief to you and your facility service partner.

With all that said, hope to hear from you soon.