The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors in 8 Easy Steps

The Best Way to Clean Wood Floors in 8 Easy StepsWe all know how damaging road salt can be for our cars and most of us take the extra precaution to run our vehicles through the carwash more often in the winter time. But did you know that road salt can be just as damaging to your commercial hardwood flooring? Today we’re going to look at the damage water and road salt can have and the best way to clean wood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Cleaning 
The best way to clean wood floors that have been exposed to winter’s dirt and debris can be broken down into 8 easy steps.

  1. Start by sweeping the floor with a soft bristled broom to remove larger particles that can get caught in a mop and scratch the floor. A vacuum can also be used.
  2. Choose the right cleaning agent. pH-neutral water-based cleaners are usually the best for general purposes. Gentle detergents, soaps and even a bit of baking soda dissolved in distilled water will work for most hard-wood flooring types. Don’t use bleach, ammonia or abrasive cleaners. They can damage the floor and void your warranty.
  3. Mix your cleaning agent into water, distilled if possible. Just a couple inches of water is fine.
  4. Dip a soft mop into the bucket and remove any excess water that could potentially seep down between the floorboards.
  5. Run the mop with the grain, refilling the bucket when the water gets dirty.
  6. For tough spots, dip a soft cloth in the cleaning solution and clean by hand.
  7. Clean and ring out the mop as much as possible and go back over the floor, soaking up any left over water.
  8. Buff the floor dry with a dry towel. This may not be necessary but can add a nice shine.

Of course, this can be an arduous process for most business owners. That’s why we here at UmbrellaOne make commercial hardwood floor cleaning part of our regular nightly janitorial services, to not only keep your business looking good but to protect the investment you’ve made in your commercial flooring. Call us at (855) 934-2635 for a free site evaluation today.