frozen pipe burst When it comes to vacant commercial spaces or dark stores in the winter months, there is nothing cool about being cold.

Vacant spaces in our commercial properties, we’d all like to forget them. For landlords and tenants alike, these empty spaces represent a loss of revenue coupled with ongoing maintenance costs. Turning a blind eye and postponing any expenses until the space is occupied by a new business is a natural reaction, but definitely not the right course of action and can allow for small matters to turn into large problems.

UmbrellaOne can provide affordable and reliable site inspections to confirm that your unoccupied space is being properly heated in order to protect your plumbing, sprinklers and other building systems. Freezing and bursting pipes are not only costly to repair, but can create further damage to your building’s interiors, especially if left standing for any length of time. From mold and other remediation issues to floor tile and carpet damage, take the simple steps towards eliminating your risk. UmbrellaOne is here to help.