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high dusting

High Dusting

Many cleaning services offer dusting services but the high dusting of beams, vents, ducts and even artwork is what makes Umbrella One your premier cleaning and maintenance company. While sweeping floors and wiping down tables may be cleaning tasks you expect of your employees, high dusting is a precarious task that is best left to experienced professionals. High ceilings and hard to reach places require flexible extension poles, microfiber brushes and other specialized cleaning equipment. Commercial high cleaning of your building a job that needs to be done by a leading commercial maintenance company like Umbrella One to make sure your ducts and vents are cleaned properly, without the use of chemicals or water that may spill on your office equipment.  Why risk an injury of an employee or even a small-time cleaning crew when you could be confident in the fact that we are fully insurance, licensed and bonded to perform such tasks and our highly-skilled crews not only do it safely but impeccably, as well.

Don’t forget to ask your personal Project Manager to include High Dusting in your next cleaning quote!