We’re all told as leaders to delegate more. Effective outsourcing of your building maintenance is no different.

Maintaining focus and efficiency is extremely challenging for property/facility managers overseeing a multi-site portfolio. The ability to sustain timely responses to incoming service requests can be overwhelming. Different locations needing a wide range of trades amounts to a formidable amount of follow-through and organization. Add to the fact that those responsible are usually out visiting their properties, working in cars and not sitting in front of a computer. What if you had someone that you could forward all of your general repair needs to without taking on the fixed costs or overhead of a new employee? Add experience, helpful advice and competitive rates to that formula and you may have the answer to what you need.

The core competency for building managers is maintaining the asset’s operational integrity (both physical structure/systems and financial performance) and value within budget. This extends well beyond just facility maintenance, but If they can directly oversee all the trades and projects needed to ensure that goal is reached, great! However, if consistent responsiveness and execution of maintenance requests prove to be difficult, then identifying a stable solution is paramount. Working with an outsourced maintenance provider isn’t neglecting your duties, it’s working to make certain that they are handled. In this circumstance, delegating will only lead to better performing assets and profitability for all.