You may not always need a facilities partner. Just sometimes.

The volume of building maintenance requests constantly fluctuates and is subject to a wide range of variables. Everything from weather to varying sets of customer expectations and of course, budget, will always dictate the number of incoming service requests. In an ideal world, the quantity would always fall within your capacity. In the real world, we know that not to be true for most property and/or facility managers.

When the work order volume becomes temporarily overwhelming, how do you handle it?

  • Do you spend less time on each individual project and just take the risk it will turn out ok?
  • Do you prioritize certain repairs and push less important or more time-consuming issues to the bottom of the pile?
  • Do you ask inexperienced co-workers to help and pick up the slack? Again, risking the sacrifice of your that repair’s resolution and/or cost.

Although UmbrellaOne’s core business centers around working with our clients on a daily basis, we gladly partner with companies where we assist only when the situation requires more hands-on-deck than their internal facilities team can manage. Whether it’s an individual project or a grouping, we’re eager to step in and work to maintain your company’s responsiveness and quality. We don’t require minimums and offer as much flexibility as your maintenance team and program necessitates.

So don’t let an increase in maintenance needs over a brief period of time cause you to compromise on quality or consider committing to long-term fixed overhead. Give us a call and let UmbrellaOne be your temporary resource…..or maybe more.