There is no ‘not to exceed’ in the facilities maintenance relationship.

Facility managers are always expected to do more with less. No matter the budget, the to do list almost always will exceed the amount of resources available, but hey, that’s all part of the fun in the general maintenance industry.

With this in mind, the recent pandemic is going to test all of our capabilities and resourcefulness. Every KPI is going to be subject to a new level of scrutiny and if you worked with a facility manager that demonstrated ‘relaxed’ standards pre-pandemic, they will most likely be upping their game going forward. Every dollar, minute, work order, return trip, etc. is significant. Any casualness about facility maintenance that existed before is more than likely out the window now.

This goes well beyond pricing. Pricing is always being evaluated and substantiated. If you somehow managed to perform R&M services unchecked in the past, whether recurring or on-demand, then consider that the good old days. Closely monitoring costs, eliminating wasteful spending and demonstrating a willingness to invest in the relationship is going to be crucial for future success. Let’s face it, all efforts that should already be in place and standard practice.

The beyond part referenced prior is all about attitude. What can you do beyond quickly dispatching a handyman, electrician or plumber at a reasonable cost? The answer is a lot. Passivity brings no value. Any action that makes an impact and improves the execution and completion of a work order needs to be taken. Proactively documenting the details, asking the questions, prodding for alternate solutions and fully understanding the task at hand are all necessary regardless of the simple nature of the issue or overall project value. Don’t wait for them to ask for more. Try to stay a step ahead best you can and constantly prove your value. Our goal is to do it as well, if not better, than they could have done it themselves. So, throw away the easy button and deliver ‘more of more’ each and every time, even if they don’t ask for it or demand it. Exceeding expectations has always been the name of the game. Time to prove you got what it takes to be in it.