Is your customer’s bad decision making a result of your poor communication?

Decisions, for the most part, arise from someone’s assessment of data. Granted emotions can also play a role, for better or worse, but it’s typically a thorough review of a field assessment and subsequent proposal that provides the information for someone to determine whether or not to move forward with the approval of a repair. As it relates to facility management and general R&M repairs, small or large, the data needed to reach that determination can include:

  • Cost – This includes acceptance of the proposed fees, available funds, and overall budget guidelines.
  • Timing – Factoring in the lead time for materials and/or contractor’s availability for scheduling a job start.
  • Urgency – The overall importance and priority of the issue’s resolution.
  • Remaining Life – How much time does that location have left to reap the benefits of the repair?

It’s important to recognize the times when we don’t understand our client’s decision making. We pride ourselves on adapting to our customer’s cultures and standards, so being in-step with them and comprehending why service requests get approved or denied is critical to our long-term success. As much as we can draw upon the similarities from one to the next, the needs of each facility manager we work with and the specifics of their projects can differ.

So when a client denies a work order we feel is critical, our first step is to review the information we provided them with and confirm that we relayed the details in an accurate manner. Was the repair’s necessity stated and if neglected, its consequences outlined? If not, then you may have unknowingly contributed to the poor outcome. Regardless of the level of experience of the customer, it’s never advised to make assumptions about what is known and unknown about each repair issue and its resolution. If there is a detail that is pertinent, it should be documented. We are always working to ensure the best decision making by delivering quality and reliable data that is comprehensive and worthy of someone’s trust.