When selecting a national service provider to help assist with the daily handyman and general repair (electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.) needs of your company’s real estate assets, accountability should be at the forefront of the conversation. Reviewing trade services offered, pricing, response times and other facility maintenance performance related matters is obvious, but do you ever question how matters are resolved when problems arise? Amongst other concerns, this is where the use of subcontractors may give a customer pause. What assurances do they get that there won’t be resistance when the resolution of a recently completed project is called into play? What if the contractor who performed the work refuses to return? At UmbrellaOne, we know that it is our responsibility to honor performance warranties to the client.

We take careful steps to screen the service partners in our national database and align ourselves with quality contractors, both in terms of capabilities and character. Fortunately, this is not a regular occurrence for us or our clients. However, for the times a return trip is required, our standard process is to contact the technician who performed the original service. In the event they are non-responsive or refuse, it is on us to coordinate with another service partner to make the necessary repair work at UmbrellaOne’s cost – not our client’s. This is not only what’s fair to the customer, but it’s also the right thing to do plain and simple.

So if you are looking for a partner to manage your retail or restaurant maintenance program or assist with your commercial properties (shopping centers, office buildings, parking garages, etc.) ongoing repair work, look no further than UmbrellaOne. We are ready to provide you with direct personal and professional assistance.