Why would a facility or property manager outsource the management of their general repair and maintenance needs? Isn’t that their job?

It would seem that this would be a clearly defined part of every facility and property manager’s job description. Coordinate with third party contractors (handyman, electrician, plumbers, carpenters) to resolve the ongoing daily building services at retail stores, restaurants and commercial properties. However, for those who are tasked with the upkeep of a large single real estate asset or a multi-unit portfolio, especially one that covers multiple markets and/or states, this can be a challenging position.

Commercial buildings can require close to a hundred or more individual vendors to address every issue that can occur. This would include everyone from the high frequency maintenance providers, such as HVAC, communications and waste removal, to the on-demand trades, like plumbing, locksmiths and handyman services. Being responsive to any and all potential issues involved with every facet of your company’s building will require time and the ability to focus. More times than not, we see facility managers prioritize the more critical, larger ticket matters and allow the lower cost, non-critical R&M issues to be managed with less scrutiny. Over time, this approach may defy your company’s standards and budget.

The answer to hire an assistant or additional personnel is an ongoing fixed and costly solution. Should your maintenance needs decrease and become more manageable, you’ll wish you had the flexibility to adjust your payroll accordingly. This is just one of the areas where a third party facilities management team provides real value. With no fixed costs or recurring fees, UmbrellaOne is paid on a per job basis where the total cost to complete projects assigned to us is competitive with local contractor rates. Our goal is to work with and amplify the efforts of your existing in-house facility maintenance program without negatively impacting your bottom-line. A partnership with us allows your current facilities representative(s) to do more with their time and know that the issues they don’t have time to oversee, are still being closely watched and managed by a partner who is an experienced professional. Our team will:

  • Identify and coordinate with the required trade.
  • Ask the questions and gather the details about the maintenance issue;
  • Review the proposed repair/cleaning options;
  • Make a recommendation based on client-provided criteria (budget, standards, urgency);
  • Manage the project through to satisfactory completion;
  • Confirm final project costs;
  • Warranty the service.

Interested in bolstering your general repair program’s responsiveness, effectiveness and oversight? Call on the facility maintenance people at UmbrellaOne.