With the flick of a switch, we can multiply and expand your company’s facilities maintenance potential.

No matter what stage of growth your business is experiencing, if the need to manage an increased volume of R&M issues has evolved into a critical part of your operations, swift solutions may not be obvious and/or can be cost-prohibitive. Whether it’s a rapid expansion or a recent acquisition, your current facilities maintenance program may not have the capability to digest a sudden escalation of service requests or be prepared to handle site locations in new markets. Current processes will be tested, the daunting task of sourcing quality trades will be time-consuming, while systems for quality control and job tracking will be pushed to their limits.

A partnership with the facility maintenance team at UmbrellaOne will literally work to address all of these issues overnight. With no fixed costs or recurring fees, your existing facilities manager or program will be empowered to effectively manage both the small and large challenges of maintaining and cleaning your business’s real estate assets. Our partnership brings experienced general repair and commercial cleaning managers to work alongside your organization in maintaining its standards. The responsive and fiduciary-minded delivery of daily repair services enables you to care for your employee and customer environments without taking on the expense of new-hires or risking the downtime to get ‘up and running’ in new trade areas.

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