Providing your customer with product delivery that matches its development.

Equipment manufacturers who take on the responsibility of on-site installation, maintenance and/or warranty services need to take the necessary steps towards ensuring best in class delivery of this ancillary part of their business. Underestimating the need for a well-executed field services program can quickly erase the success of your sales/marketing teams and reduce, if not eliminate, future growth opportunities. The care and thought in bringing your product to the marketplace should be consistent throughout your entire customer experience. The same thoughtfulness, standards and quality expected of your product development and distribution channels should also extend to the maintenance technicians required to ultimately make them functional in your client’s locations.A partnership with UmbrellaOne to fulfill these needs will accelerate your ability to launch while saving you significant time and costs associated with the required need to find, vet and coordinate field support. If commercial contractors (handymen, electricians, or plumbers) are all that is necessary to handle your product installation or maintenance at a customer’s store, restaurant, or office, then the team at UmbrellaOne is your answer. Our project managers function as a value-focused bolt-on service department to expedite all field technician related endeavors. From initial roll-outs to ongoing servicing needs, our efforts seek to enhance your brand, customer experience, and bottom line. UmbrellaOne delivers the following benefits:

  • Instant access to qualified and responsive service partners throughout the entire US:
  • Project scheduling and tracking.
  • Consolidated and proactive communications.
  • Friendly and courteous customer-facing project managers.

Regardless of the scale, frequency, or geographic footprint (currently limited to the US), a partnership with UmbrellaOne and our extraordinary service partner network will consistently work to contribute towards achieving your operational goals and standards.